Oil Change

At Pro Mech Automotive we provide oil change services with high-quality oil and oil filters. You will find a friendly staff, good prices, and reliable service. We can pick up your car from your job, home or wherever you are, do the service, and bring the car back to you with no hassle.

Our oil change services help your engine be in optimal performance and the oil we use will last you up to 5,000 miles.

Many cars, pickups, and SUVs now have service reminder monitors that alert drivers when to change their oil and other lubricants that help the car run smoothly. Make sure you get your oil change soon after you receive such an alert or even just before if you’re keeping an eye on your mileage or time.

Our technicians do multipoint inspections to make sure that all the fluids in your car, truck, or SUV is in tip-top shape and not running low.

At Pro Mech Automotive we provide the following services Oil Change, Auto A/C Repair, Brake Repair and Replacement and Full Tune Ups.


$ 45
  • Our regular price is effective on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Car brake repair and replacement in Mesa AZ


$ 29
  • Bring your car on Tuesdays or Thursdays and take advantage of our special pricing!

How to Keep My Car in Good Condition?

Just like we take care of ourselves, eat the right things, and stay in shape, the same basic concepts apply to keeping our cars in the best possible condition.

1.-  Oil Change Service : 

Oil is the blood of your car, and without it, the car isn’t going to go far or quietly. Have your mechanic demonstrate how to check your oil properly, and have the oil changed every 3,000 – 3,500 miles. While oil manufacturers have claimed that their oil can last 10,000 miles, it is generally best to use the same oil for no more than 5,000 miles to maximize engine reliability and efficiency over the long term. Check the oil regularly, about once a week, and change the oil or have it changed when you reach the 4,000 – 4,500 mile (6,400 – 7,200 Km) limit.hings, and stay in shape, the same basic concepts apply to keeping our cars in the best possible condition.

2.- Auto A/C Repair and Recharge:

We feel your pain and discomfort caused by weak airflow. The sweat alone is enough to drive any of us crazy. However, there are a lot of factors at play. If you notice reduced airflow early on –rather than later– take the right step and have it looked at before other fatal A/C system damage can occur.

Main causes of weak airflow:

  • Mold or mildew may have accumulated in the evaporator core from residual moisture that occurs during the cooling process. When this happens, air will have trouble reaching your air vents.
  • A hose has come loose. This usually happens with the blower hose that supplies air to the blower unit.
  • Ventilation fan is fried. If the fan’s not blowing, air won’t be flowing very well.
  • Seals. No, not those seals down by the pier. Core case seals, blower house seals or evaporator core case seals; All can open up and diminish air flow. A/C ventilation systems are very sensitive and must remain sealed. Once they’re opened, the whole system is compromised.

3.- Brake Repair and Replacement:

The braking systems of modern cars are designed to be replaced periodically to maintain maximum braking efficiency. If you notice ANY problems with the brakes, take your car to have the brakes checked immediately. If the brakes fail, you can have a very serious crash. 


4.0 Full Tune Ups:

 4.1. Check your tires for wear and tear

Checking your tires frequently ensures your safety. If you notice your tires are odd, uneven, or pulling to one side, then it might be time to change them up. We offer great deals on used and new tires to our customers.

4.2 . Always check your engine coolant 

It is extremely important to check your engine coolant to prevent your car from overheating, and even more so with this Arizona weather! Do not attempt to remove the radiator cap unless your car has been idle for a few hours.

4.3. Battery Inspection

Batteries tend to get damaged or drained faster under the pressure of Arizona’s weather, and that is why you need to constantly check your charge and get a warranty when buying a new one.

4.4. Check your transmission fluid

Forgetting to check your transmission fluid can lead to all sort of problems and may result in big costs and a lot of headaches. If there is a leak, have it fixed immediately. Let us help you and save you a lot of trouble.

Our Auto Repair Services in Mesa AZ

 At Pro mech automotive we understand the importance of keeping your car in optimal shape as it enables your mobility and provides you convenience taking from one place to another. Hence, we recommend you to keep its preventive maintenance so that it is always in its best possible condition. For professional tune-up services and preventive maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us at (480) 464-7922.

For all Arizonans, we know that a proper working a/c in the car is the difference between a please commute or feel like you are driving through hell. Luckily, if you live in Mesa, AZ we can help you recharge or repair your broken a/c the same day.

If your AC in your car isn’t as good as it used to be, you may have low refrigerant pressure. Depending on the situation this can be a simple recharge or it may be an indication of a leak in your car’s AC system. We cover all the basics to make sure you leave with a fine-working AC and rely on it for a long time.

Here at Pro Mech Automotive of Mesa, Arizona, we provide high quality brake repairs and replacement for foreign or domestic Cars, Trucks, Vans, and SUVs, four wheel drive, lowered, lifted, classics, and many more.

We don’t want our clients to wait until an accident happens in order to get new brakes or repair the current ones. If you start hearing a noise in your car when you brake or maybe it takes much effort for your car to slow down and stop, then it is time for your brakes to be inspected before something bad happens.

Pro mech Automotive is your Local Auto Repair Expert